QUESTION:  What is the Ultra Lift made of?  How much does it weigh?

ANSWER:  Ultra Lifts are made of high strength aluminum alloy with all welded construction.  The Model 1500 with its strap bar, extension handle, snap-out 4 wheel dolly and battery weighs only 120 lbs.


QUESTION:  Is the Ultra Lift just a stair climber?

ANSWER:  No, it is a complete moving system that makes every phase of a move easier and safer.  Motor power lets the operator use leverage and balance for easy load break back.  Motor power lets the operator balance the load over the main wheels for "weight free" moves over level surfaces.  Motor power allows the operator to step the load over, under or around obstacles.  Motor power allows the operator to move loads on and off trucks in a single step.  Stair moves are just part of the package.


QUESTION:  Can I do "one man moves" with an Ultra Lift?

ANSWER:  One person with an Ultra Lift Powered Hand Truck can safely move most loads weighing up to 650-750 pounds.  Two people can handle loads weighing up to 1500 pounds.  The factors that determine the maximum load that one or two operators can safely handle are type of move being made; load shape and weight distribution; operator skill; and physical size and strength of the operator(s).


QUESTION:  How long does the battery charge last?

ANSWER:  Start with a fully charged battery and it will last all day.  You'll be able to take a 750 pound load up 400+ steps on a battery charge.


QUESTION:  What other maintenance is required?

ANSWER:  Just lubricate the drive screw every week or so.  We recommend Tri-Flow or SuperLube spray lubricants.  Don't use grease or WD-40 on the drive screw.


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